Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stop being nice to others

It's sad to say when you treated someone nice, they didn't do the same to you. Instead they will be taking advantage of you.

For example today, I attended an event so after the event, the blogger none stop questioning about what's next or next event I am going today?! Where am I going and why I am going there?! 

She never told me anything about her next event until I mention it. Which I know of the event but I didn't invited to go that so I probably not going for it. Guess what she says?! Never mind you can just go ahead.. 

Anyway when you treat other nice, they are not going to do the same. Do you feel like stop being nice to them?! Especially, they are after the events which are going on or you are not able to go, etc. 

Mmmm... anyway I just love being myself, I don't care what others says of me. 


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