Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pampering time @Sojourn Guest House

Happy New Year to my readers and visitors of this blog. I am glad I took time out to spend with my mom at Sojourn Guest House, you can find the love post here, click on the link to read. It is not near me at all, I have to travel all way there using waze. I am glad my mom is not nagging that why so long not yet reach.

Just wanna to share with my readers there that. This Relaxing Body Wash is nice, it is available in the room if you have purchase the package to enjoy a night stay. However the Vitality Shampoo and Vitality Conditioner both I used on my hair I find it not quite suitable because my hair is rough. Maybe it is because I didn't bring along any of my own hair conditioner to use.

Everyone has got their favourite skincare and hair care products. I do like their body wash but sad to say the hair care is not suitable for me. Just sharing my experienced here everyone got to try it themselves only to know whether it is suitable for them or not.


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