Saturday, January 10, 2015

Priceless moment

First of all, happy new year to all my friends/readers/family members/visitors.

Last night I slept very late 1.30 or 2am only I fall asleep. No kidding so this morning I woke up 7 something then I can feel huge acne on left of my face. Wow not just one but several acnes! Long day for me today as I bring son to go Kidzania KL for his playtime.

Kidzania Kuala Lumpur is a heaven play place for children. They can be whatever they want, surgeon or fireman or Poslaju delivery and so on..

It's our first time to have such long hours in Kidzania. I managed to sign up son for Kidzania passport. It didn't take long but I filled the wrong form! So I need to fill again the form. I filled up the feedback from instead of registration form.
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first time my vampire makeup

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