Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautee Chili Slimming Cream review

Do you like to see the pink cream in this bottle? It is Beautee Chili Slimming Cream,I purchased this product long time ago. I stopped using it when I was pregnant with my baby. My baby is one year old now and I have started using it more than a year ago. This product help break down unsightly lipo deposit. Reshape the body contour with thermo effect. Improve "orange peel" appearance and smooth skin texture. Improve skin suppleness and elasticity.

I find this product effective for me, not many people like chili slimming cream because its hot. Yes it is! I apply this cream on abdomen, hips,thighs where I want to lose most inches off! 
Ingredients of the product: Capsium Annum (Chili) Extract, Water, Glycerin, Almond Oil, Marine collagen, seaweed extract, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

I want to say that better use this product before you going for jog or walk. I find that this heat feeling on my body even after two hours of applied. I think this product it is up to individual usage.

Am I going to purchase this product again? Yes!


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