Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Kose skincare set

Not long ago I received the Kose from Butterfly Project, I did a blog post on this skincare set. If you have not read can find in my blog, click on the link.
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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mother's Day Flower for mothers

Mother's Day is coming up next month, what's your plan for this special day?
Going back to celebrate with mommy for this day?
Some people are busy working and need to take leave to go back.
You can always surprise mommy with Mother's Day Flower.

Visit Bloom2u, many choices of Mother's Day hand bouquet.
Do you know your mommy's favourite flower? What's her favourite color?
Surprise mommy as she's one that care and love you even care for you when you are sick.

With internet access we can check online florist Malaysia, the website and browse this website for beautiful flowers and gift ideas for loved one.

Will be nice if you have time to check out the Subang Jaya Florsit, if not you can always check online and purchase flowers from, and updates on

Loving contest, I am here to inform you that there's a contest on their Facebook too. Do click on the link to check out. Don't forget to click like on my photo too. Thank you.
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Friday, March 4, 2016

Jerlynn'L skincare products for family

I love cosmetics, but I also love skin care products. Especially products for children because children has delicate skin, they are not suitable in using adult skincare products. Jerlynn'L skincare suitable for family young and old. 

Being mommy of two boys, they are aged 10yrs old and youngest going to be 5 years old this June.
Jerlynn'L Hair Conditioner & Detangler 100ml RM79.00
Apply suitable amount as needed, don't forget this is conditioner, 
you'll need to wash it off not leave it on.

Contains natural plants and herbs with essential extract that soothe and help to child's delicate skin.
Product made in Korea.

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Laser Tag Party

Laser Tag Party
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first time my vampire makeup

first time my vampire makeup

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