Thursday, December 19, 2013

Clinelle travel set giveaway

I love blogging, it is my interest and I share on my lifestyle too. It is sad to see some people just jealous of it. They want to know why you blog and how blogger make money. Oh well I started blogging because of interest, if I could make money with my blog, I would show you and tell you how much I have. Sad say from my nuffnang I am seeing RM6 only. lol

Anyway back to giveaway check out My Mom's Best for the giveaway.

I purchase the item with my money, so find out how you can win it!

There are a few that have interest to learn to blog but they have no interest to take action to do it. Oh well, it's their interest if they want to know or learn they would find out. :D

As for me, I just like to update from time to time for my blogs.
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yun Nam haircare

I took part in Celebrity Headshot contest just for the fun of it. Last week they call me asking me to go for the free RM450 free treatment for hair. I am like.. I am not free.

I can't just go for any appointment like that. Everything has to be schedule and depend on my timing too. Guess what?! They called me again this week to ask if I am free to go this two days, my answer is I will call you back or get back to you after I check my schedule.

I bet the gal is busy calling each participant of the contest for the first trial they win, which is the mystery prize worth RM450.

Sad to say I have no time to go, and lack of interest at the moment. They said it is only valid for this month. Oh well, let's see.

Other than that, I didn't go Loccitane outlet to redeem my birthday gift last month. I am guessing it is just RM20 off voucher or what. Mmmm... over spend last month.. better don't go. lol
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Laser Tag Party

Laser Tag Party
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first time my vampire makeup

first time my vampire makeup

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