Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worst pampering party

Have you been to party before? I have been invited to afternoon tea party before and I love it. For the first time in my life I attended a worst party ever! I wouldn't call it a party at all, so let see what the party promise of, manicure, foot parrafin, foot spa, food refreshment, lucky and promotional deals.

What I can tell you that all listed above I only got the promotional deals first! Yeah my party gets started in a small room, one lady walked in telling me what interest I have for their products. Funny I am here to enjoy the party but instead I am introduce of their promotional deals.

Don't forget the pink bag which mentioned they giving for the Facebook Fans! It is not pink bag, it is black paper bag. Goodies in the bag? Goodies of bunch of brochures an vouchers. Oh there is one small sachet of sample to try.

Would you ask your friend to go along the party if you know this is the treat they are giving you? I let my friend know of the party and I don't think they are going for the party. It would be waste of time further more they are all the way from Kuala Lumpur attend the party.

Anyway how much would it cost for manicure, foot spa, hand parrafin? We can get good deals online just check out the discounts available online.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty blogger need to purchase their products?

I am gonna tell you this is crazy, the lady knowing that I am beauty blogger. She ask me to purchase the product and try them the review or post up on the blog. I only blog and review on products that interest me, sometimes I won them on contest and some I purchased the deals online.

If I have not try their product how I am going to tell you whether good or not. What is most scary is I not even use their voucher that I won they already asking me to sign up thief packages because they feel is good deal. Of course is good deal for them signing up a package which consist ten treatment don't forget you paying one time off money for it!!

I didnt sign up any of the packages, I guess they wait me to response oh... So good deal can buy! Anyway the lady just quiet and saying what else you want to know. When comes to facial she use a small machine to check my cheek then saying I have dehydration skin, only 30 something not 40 something... Bla.. She says of steps need to do get back the moisture etc.

One question in my mind which I didn't manage say go her, how about your own skin? 
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mary Chia VIP pampering pary@Sunway Pyramid

I am sure you want to know of the Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party, yeah it is stated VIP because we are woman are very important people! Don't forget to check out their FB for detail. I have make RSVP to attend the party from 11am to 3pm. Sadly I would be alone well not really alone I mean no friend with me because some of them attend the 3pm to 5pm party.

You are not too late to find out this party, you can still RSVP with them. They have the hand paraffin, foot spa, food refreshment, manicure and special promotion.

I haven't try any of the above at Mary Chia, it would be great to be first to experience it.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Beauty Escape workshop

It is my first time to attend the Beauty Escape workshop, the workshop held at mYoga Lounge at The Gardens. My friend Sanny, Theresa also attend the workshop, I like to thank Sanny for inviting me and Theresa to attend the workshop with her. The program as following.
1.30 to 2pm registration/BMI check
2pm to 2.30pm mYoga
2.30 to 3pm Total Image
3pm to 3.45pm Minoshe
3.45pm to 4.30pm MCU Beautitudes
4.30pm to 4.45pm Q & A
4.45pm refreshment

We chosen our place to sit and the progam starts with Marcus introduce mYoga for explanation of mYoga and Yoga. Above is one of the represenative of mYoga, she is also one of the teachers in teaching Yoga. She also shows up some yoga moves, you can see picture below! People don't do this at home, she is professional as she has been teaching and learning yoga for many years.

I am sure you like to know how long it takes to be like her in these moves. You can find out more detail by check out or call them at 03-22898588.

The following talk is by Total Image. Do you know that Collagen is the 1st step to great skin? Do you know Total Image Collagen is celebrating 21 years. Total Image Collage Drink is made from bi-enzyme technology to extract deep-sea fish collagen protein with a low molecur weight of less than 1,000 Dalton to ensure almost 100% absorption. Total Image received awards from Guardian from 2009 to year 2012 for the Customers Choice Award.

I am sure you know that beauty is a long term investment, check out Ms. Foo Kwai Mei, she has been taking Total Image Collagen for nine years. She is fourty five years old and she doesn't look like one. Miss Foo explains to everyone when she talking the Total Image. She says that some people saying that she looks only in her early 30s.

Next program starts with Ms. Steph on Minoshe. Ms Steph explains to us that lifetime of bra is only ninety washes! Yes you read it correctly! It is also important to wear the right size bra and right bra.

She explains to us about the breast structure.
Do you know the cause of breast sagging?
There is no muscle to support, purely supported by skin.
Natural consequences of Aging, and Natural consequences of Gravity.

This effect the woman with no more body curve but with body curves fat, and no body shape.
Above is the picture of Steph's colleague on how to wear the bra and how to check the bra measurement.

There is explaination on corset & girdle measurement.

Steph explains on how to put on the gridle it is first need to fold it into half then put your legs inside. When you are pulling upwards, don't forget to jump inside! Yes jump inside, then use your hands to adjust your buttock inside the gridle.

Steph concludes the talk with perfect body shape, a woman with deep clevage, slim waist line and gorgeous hips line. Love and pamper ourselves, be confident everyday!
For detail of minoshe you can visit

Next is talk by MCU Beautitudes, the speaker is Doctor Nicholas. MCU Beautitudes offers premius aesthetic services that are performed by a team of experienced and certified medical doctors trained in the Malaysia in Derma Asthetics.

The doctor explains to us about the ageing process.

For detail you can check out the
The doctor talks about Aquiline Nose, Filler, Botox.
He also talks of the coolScuplting for a slimmer body.  The coolScuplting treatment was developed from breakthough research that was conducted by world-renowned dermatologist, Dieter Manstein, MD and R.Rox Anderson, MD of the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachussetts General Hospital- a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

The cool benefits of coolScuplting are no cutting, no needles, no downline, no bleeding, safe, comfortable and convenient, without anaesthesia. You can go there for treatment before or after working hours. It offers all the benefits of Liposuction et it has NO bad side-effects. Cryolipolysis is a precisely controlled cooling method that targets, cools and elimates fat cells without damaging neighbouring cells.

The workshop ends with lucky draw and group photography.

I am happy to say I am one of the lucky ones that won the lucky draw!
Ending with a group photography, can you spot me?

Above is some pictures of refreshment, there are coffee and teh tarik! Yummy meal for attendants.
Above goodies I have got from the goodie bag and also the lucky draw bag! I have combine all in one picture!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Sea mask

I purchased this mask from lowyat sometimes ago, I don't know the name of it. As you can see it is written in Chinese. I need to use hot water to put the seeds. The mask packing in plastic bag and it is contains of seeds. The hot water in mask I wait until it cool down only put the mask on my face.

I need to make holes for the eyes, nose and mouth as it comes in big piece and sticky too! There is no strange smell from this mask, after using this mask my skin feel soft and smooth. :D

Below is how it looks like after I pour the hot water in the small cup with the seeds. I shall snap more picture of this next time with the seeds so you can see how it looks like. But above picture of me you can see the seeds too!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Decleor seeds and anti-aging kit

I am so happy I have purchased the seeds from Decleor last Saturday at Midvalley. I purchased two seeds and received anti-aging kit, I choose this kit instead of the other because I am in 30s now I need to take care of my skin.

Look closer the seeds you can see the chop of Decleor and Thank You. I need to buy soil for both seeds, my sister-in-law purchased the same like me. I can't wait to grow this plant, there is no flower grow on this plant.

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