Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lip Hop protects you from the ray, so you can play!

Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++, RM34.90
We are expose to sun everyday, do you know it's important to take care of our skin.
The Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++ is specially formulated to help boost your skin’s natural radiance, while providing sun protection. The unique Melavoid™ Whitening Factor, a brightening active ingredient, helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and achieve bright and radiant skin. In addition, Hawthorn Berry extract helps soothe the skin after sun exposure. 

If you are going to beach or spend long hours at outdoor it is better to choose the sun protection lotion with SPF80 PA+++.

Moisturising Lightweight Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA++++, RM35.90
 Suncare protection just got a fun upgrade with the launch of Lip Hop, a new line of suncare essentials by Guardian. This range is dermatologically tested and proven by health and beauty expert Guardian to provide year-round protection and relief for wherever the sun shines — with innovative formulations to simultaneously benefit the skin. Formulated and made in Korea*, the Lip Hop range comprises convenient, fun and efficacious suncare solutions.
Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++, RM36.90
The Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++ is your one-stop solution for defence from the harmful effects of sun damage. The Nano Double Anti-UV Defence formula effectively defends and absorbs UVA and UVB rays simultaneously to protect from harmful sun damage, leaving your skin with a natural finish. It contains natural herbal extracts with strong antioxidant properties to help prevent photo ageing including the formation of fine lines, roughness and dullness. It also taps on the power of Hyaluronic Acid – the ultimate moisturiser for deep hydration, keeping your skin supple and fresh.

Keeping completely out of the sun is not an option for most tropical dwellers, and UVA can result in skin damage that increases the rate of photoageing, while UVB rays are the main culprit behind sunburn. Sun damage also makes your skin less bright than before due to the formation of dark spots in your skin’s natural protective mechanism.

Lip Hop’s vibrant packaging and innovative formulations appeal to the young and encourage the early adoption of sun protection in one’s skincare regimen from a tender age.

Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion SPF50 PA+++, RM34.90
Not just adults but kids too need suncare protection. The Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion is sweat-resistant and water-resistant for up to 40 minutes, and is suitable for kids enjoying water sports or prolonged outdoor activities. Natural Portulaca Oleracea extract helps soothe your child’s skin after sun exposure, while the natural apple fruit extract has antioxidant properties that help prevent skin damage from free radicals.

The formulation is free from PABA, parabens, artificial colorant, animal derived ingredients, mineral oil and oxybenzone, is dermatologically tested and proven. The quality product ensures maximum safety and ultra sun defence.

Whether you are enjoying an invigorating swim in the water, or simply traipsing through town on a sunny day, Lip Hop has you covered — literally.

Lip Hop, which is made in Korea to provide quality and innovative products to address suncare needs. Catering to every kind of outdoor activity, and tailored for various suncare concerns, the extensive collection offers affordable protection around the clock. Select one for your loved ones now.

Available in all Guardian Healthy & Beauty outlets from September 2015.
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Closed to home this October

Yeah not feeling well, still have nose block and coughing. So today they are many events, so just I manage to go for one that is near home in the afternoon.

So its October this is Halloween, so my kids are excited about where will Halloween contest be happening.

It is 9pm and it's raining now, my dear just back from office and now having his late dinner. As for my 4 yrs old son has gone for bed as tomorrow got kindergarten. Sad to say the fee of kindergarten has raise RM100. OMG, it is now RM430 for every month instead of RM330. They just raised RM30 this year and they raise again!

It's October hoping this month will be good to me.
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