Monday, November 5, 2012

Coochy Charcoal Nose Mask

 It is my first time to use this product, it is for black head removing & pore refining. I am sad to say it doesn't work well on me at all. I tried it and very disappointed to see nothing out from this product, I mean from my nose. Perhaps I used it the wrong way? I followed the steps as stated at the back of the mask. You can see the cotton and above I put some water and apply it on the nose mask.
 Above you can see the mask is sleep wet even though I place on my nose for more than 10 min. It feels like it takes forever to dry, I don't like the sticky feeling! Once took the product out of the packing I see that this mask on nose is stick on a transparent slip. I removed the charcoal nose mask and it is none sticky at all. Then I put some water on it, immediately it got sticky and I applied it carefully on my nose.


Anonymous said...


actually, you need to wet your nose and not to wet the nose mask. then, put the nose mask on your nose until you feel the mask is harden.

then, removed it slowly. The black head will be remove.

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