Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty blogger need to purchase their products?

I am gonna tell you this is crazy, the lady knowing that I am beauty blogger. She ask me to purchase the product and try them the review or post up on the blog. I only blog and review on products that interest me, sometimes I won them on contest and some I purchased the deals online.

If I have not try their product how I am going to tell you whether good or not. What is most scary is I not even use their voucher that I won they already asking me to sign up thief packages because they feel is good deal. Of course is good deal for them signing up a package which consist ten treatment don't forget you paying one time off money for it!!

I didnt sign up any of the packages, I guess they wait me to response oh... So good deal can buy! Anyway the lady just quiet and saying what else you want to know. When comes to facial she use a small machine to check my cheek then saying I have dehydration skin, only 30 something not 40 something... Bla.. She says of steps need to do get back the moisture etc.

One question in my mind which I didn't manage say go her, how about your own skin? 


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