Monday, June 11, 2012

Plus size fashion

I am loving the above layer top, it is pink or beige in colour? I just love it and I have purchased this and now its in my closet. :D
I saw the Mickey Mouse at Midvalley last week and I know I must grab Mickey Mouse t-shirt. I try looking at some shops but sad to say the size is small for me. Being plus size I need plus size tee that fits me I am so happy to find this cute top which reminds me of Mickey Mouse. :D
Above blouse I didn't purchase as I find it not quite suitable for me, I didn't like the fabric either. You must be thinking why I am in black dress, I was attending an event that day and I found this shop to shop. I wanted to try some clothes but so lazy to remove my necklace and dress. I just put them on then I decided to snap the picture of the beautiful clothes that caught my attention.


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