Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review: 1000 Hour hair colour stick #102

My sister in law purchase this product from Shins and tonight is her first time using it. It is a brown stick which is huge look like lipstick. The sales gal told her she needs to wet hair apply the stick on hair. She did for long time then I check the packing for her, it stated not wet the hair but wet the stick and apply color directly to the area that you want to touch up using light short strokes. This hair colour stick instant touch up for grey hair yes it worked on her. But she finds it bit hard for her hair maybe she use it wrong way as need to wet the stick to use, she washes her hair and apply the stick. But stick was not wet then she goes wet the stick and apply her wet hair.

This product is easy blends away grey, water resistant, easy to apply, ideal for men's facial hair and great for all hair types. I will update again if she used it another day. To remove this product just wash away with shampoo. The product cost rm35.


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