Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sanitary pad so useful!

I am not feeling well, I have bad cough which cause me to wet my pants. I did and lucky I was at home, then I went out in the morning so I put on the slim sanitary pad lucky to put that because when I cough badly I wet the under wear.

Today I was at Ikea and lunch there then I head to toilet for change and you know that the green colour at the door means that it is not occupied and red means it is occupied. Some ladies standing inside there but I saw the green colour at other door so I open it. The old lady was inside and has a shocked, I faster closed her door. Then the lady standing another side says that I am second one to open her door. I head to the other green colour and then I ask other lady if there is people inside she says no idea ask me to open and see so I did. Nobody inside so I go in and then I locked the door and I make sure that my door is locked I don't want other people to open my door while I am in toilet.

The ladies there that standing near the old lady door never mention to me don't open the door. They just laugh about it after the incident.


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