Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Review Eversoft cleansers do more

Check out my video on the products of Eversoft cleansers do more, they are new product if you have not try them.

Blog of this products before on my blog, you can click to read about it. Don't be lazy we need to take care of our skin daily.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bad hair day!

Today I am going to tell you how you can have a bad hair day, yeah it's weird to say this most would want to have a good hair day. Nobody likes to have a bad hair day.

It started as I found the hair chalk which is white color, I tried to use it on my damp hair. I saw the color was nice when applied but after that is total disaster. My hair is rough and can barely comb. I quickly wash hair with water then put conditioner as I wanna it be quick. Then wash away the hair conditioner. I guess it doesn't not work well. As I just came home fetch my son just now, in the car already feel the hair very rough. I recalled I won the hair chalk from a giveaway.

My sister in law have purchase a similar hair chalk, hers purchase from Daiso at Sunway Pyramid. Not sure if it works for her. How about you?

It was terrible jam too on the road. Looks like I need to wash hair with shampoo perhaps double washing hope to make the roughness feel go away. Of course hair treatment or hair mask important too, I cannot forget that.

Just a reminder to self, don't ever try again the Hair Chalk. Chalk it away! Or maybe use as a chalk for board. lol

Tell me about your bad hair day, also do you see below cost RM52? Do you think the price is reasonable? You can click on the picture below link to see more food.The drinks are a Thai Coffee and Thai tea.
Dining at Sanook
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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pampering time @Sojourn Guest House

Happy New Year to my readers and visitors of this blog. I am glad I took time out to spend with my mom at Sojourn Guest House, you can find the love post here, click on the link to read. It is not near me at all, I have to travel all way there using waze. I am glad my mom is not nagging that why so long not yet reach.

Just wanna to share with my readers there that. This Relaxing Body Wash is nice, it is available in the room if you have purchase the package to enjoy a night stay. However the Vitality Shampoo and Vitality Conditioner both I used on my hair I find it not quite suitable because my hair is rough. Maybe it is because I didn't bring along any of my own hair conditioner to use.

Everyone has got their favourite skincare and hair care products. I do like their body wash but sad to say the hair care is not suitable for me. Just sharing my experienced here everyone got to try it themselves only to know whether it is suitable for them or not.
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